Kukke Subramanya Temple
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Holy place [Temple]  -   Kukke, Subramanya
Visit hours: 07.00AM to 01.00PM and 3.00PM to 8.00PM
105 km from Mangalore
How to reach:  Kukke subramanya can be reached by road from Mangalore and Bangalore. KSRTC is operating buses daily from these two places.
Address: Kukke Shree Subramanya Temple
Subramanya - 574238
Ph: 08257-281224
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Kukke Subramanya is one of the most wonderful and devotional places in the state of Karnataka. Lord Subramanya is the principal deity worshiped in this temple in the form of a Cobra. This temple is located on the bank of the river Dhara which according to the mythology relates to a sacred event of the past days.

According to this mythology, Lord Kumaraswamy after killing the ruler Tarakasura and Shoorapadmasura in a battle came down to this place. When the war with the demons was over, Lord Kumaraswamy went to the top of Kumara Parvatha together with his brothers Lord Ganesha, Veerabahu and others. He washed his Shakti Ayudha (Weapon) which is a battle- axe in the water of the Dhara river that flows from the Kumara mountain. From this incidence the river came to be recognized as Kumaradhara.

They were greeted by Lord Indra as well as the other Gods. Lord Indra was so moved by his bravery that he prayed the Lord to marry his daughter Devasena. The marriage took place on the banks of Kumaradhara on 'Margashira Shudda Shashti' with much grandeur and celebrations and even today each year a popular car festival is held in the Kukke Subramanya of Karnataka on 'Margashira Shuddha Shashti' with special offerings to the Lord.

Lord Kumaraswamy gave visit to Vasuki the chief of the nagas or the snakes, who had been undergoing a penance in the Kukke Subramanya. Vasuki prayed to the Lord to remain with him forever at this place.

The Lord accepted and granted this boon. Till then it is said that the Lord has remained in his spiritual presence in this shrine along with his wife Devasena and Vasuki.

The Kukke Subramanya Temple is situated in Sullia taluk amidst forest ranges of wester ghats in Sullia taluk, and is about 105 kms. far from Mangalore city and about 380 kms from Bangalore. In earlier days Subramanya used to be recognized as Kukke Pattana. The main entrance of the Kukke Subramanya Temple of Karnataka lies towards the east. The worshipers enter into the temple from the back side of it and then go before the shrine to see the face of the mighty God.

The Kukke Subramanya Temple has a sanctuary which is located at the opposite side of the main entrance. There is a pillar in the Kukke Subramanya Temple. It is believed that this pillar was erected in order to save the people from the flame of the breath of the dangerous Basukinag who was residing inside. There is a dais in the sanctuary of Sri Subramanya which is the residence of the idols of Vasuki and Maha Shesha.

Special occations:
Sarpa Samskara/Sarpa Dosha is one of the poojas performed at this temple by devotees to get rid of the sarpa dosha.
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