Rosario Cathedral
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Holy place [Shrine]  -   Mangalore
In the heart of Mangalore City
How to reach:  The Cathedral is easily accessible from Mangalore junction and one can board a rickshaw to reach there.
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One of the most famous and revered churches are the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (also known as Rosario Cathedral) at Bolar.

The Rosario Cathedral at Bolar is one of the three most ancient churches in the diocese of Mangalore. The Italian traveller Pietro Della Valle who visited Mangalore in 1623 mentions it along with the Our Lady of Mercy at Ullal and St. Francis of Assisi at Farangipet.

The Portuguese built the Rosario Cathedral when they landed in 1568. The Roys stone emblem of the Portuguese King marking their landing at Mangalore lies at the entrance of the Cathedral.

The Rosario Church was reportedly desecrated and destroyed by an Indian ruler's forces in 1784. The Catholics then set about reconstructing the church in 1813. In 1910 the structure of the old cathedral was demolished and the new cathedral erected in its place. This is the only church in the diocese with a magnificent dome crowning the spacious sanctuary. The cross on the dome of the Cathedral was lit every night to serve as a beacon for seafarers.

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