Kudupu Sri Ananta Padmanabha Temple
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Holy place [Temple]  -   Kudupu, Mangalore
12 km away from Mangalore city
How to reach:  It is enroute to Moodabidri and Karkala By National Highway # 13. City Bus Nos. 3A, 3B, 22 as well Service Buses plying to Moodabidri & Karkala stop here.
Address: Office of the Executive Officer
Shri Ananthapadmanabha Temple,
Mangalore - 574508
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Ananta Padmanabha Temple is situated in Kudupu village, which is 10 km away from Mangalore City, in the Mangalore-Moodabidri route. This temple is dedicated to Lord Anantha Padmanabha (another form of Lord Vishnu) and famous for serpent worship. Annual festival Shashti is a famous religious ceremony falls in December. Also Nagarapanchami, a worship of sacrificing the milk to Lord Naga is celebrated with great devotion. Subrahmanya shashti,Kiru shashti and Nagara Panchami are the main festivals celebrated in kudupu.

Once there was a Brahmin Vedic scholar called 'Kedar' who was very orthodox, kind and religious follower. But he was extremely worried of not having a child. Realising that the blessing of a Saint is ultimate resort for having a child, he wandered everywhere searching for one such saint. Finally his search yielded result when he came in contac with one such holy Saint called 'Shringa Muni' near a small river 'Bhadra Saraswathi Thirtha' in midst of a big forest. He prostrated before the saint and placed his reason for worries. Hearing this the saint told him to stay back and start penance towards Lord Subramanya who would fulfill his wish. Saint also detailed him about the holiness of that place and the river.

Kedar accepted the advise of the saint and stood there and started a rigorous penance towards Lord Subramanya with great concentration of mind and devotion. In penance he forgot all about his surroundings and himself. It continued for many years. As the days passed his penance became so intense, it created a sort of immense heat in the surroundings and it spread everywhere even up to heaven. Devatas, humans, animals found it very hard to sustain. Everybody began to worry about the future if the situation continues like this. Worried about Kedar's penance Devatas went to Satyaloka to see Lord Brahma and told him the situation. Thinking that only Lord Mahavishnu could redress the problem, Lord Brahma accompanied by Devatas met him and detailed him with all about the situation. Hearing this Lord Mahavishnu said that Kedar is meditating towards Lord Subramanya and only he could give remedy to this problem. Lord Mahavishnu promised Brahma and Devatas that he will meet Subramanya and accordingly he met him and told that Kedar is meditating upon him with a single desire of having a child that could be fulfilled by him only. He also asked Lord Subramanya to appear before Kedar and bless him with a child. But Lord Subramanya told that there is no child in the fate of Kedar and he is eligible only for salvation. But on the request of Lord Mahavishnu, Subramanya appeared before Kedar and blessed him with children.

Upon recieving the blessings from Lord Vishnu, Kedar happily expects a child and settles near that Bhadra Thirtha River itself duly meditating and worshiping Lord Subramanya.

After a few days Kedar's wife sees a serpent laying eggs and thinks that even snakes have good fortune of having children while she herself is barren. Year passed and Kedar's wife became pregnant and the couple becomes very happy expecting a child. But after nine months, to their and everybody's surprise Kedar's wife delivered three eggs which were more looking like serpent eggs. Devatas thought these eggs are nothing but an incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu, Lord Mahashesha and Lord Subramanya and became very happy.

Unhappy with the result even after rigorous penance Kedar realised that it is nothing but his ill fate and result of past action. Suddenly he hears a divine voice coming saying that these eggs are nothing but an incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu, Lord Mahashesha and Lord Subramanya for the sake of betterment of the world. It also made him realise that he will not have further children and advised him to erect the eggs secretly at the place where he did penance upon Lord Subramanya. Hence this place and river has been blessed as a holy spot and whoever takes bath in the river will be blessed with children and freed from all sickness and sin. The divine voice also advised him to stay in that holy place worshiping Lord Anantha Padmanabha (another name of Lord Mahavishnu) and blessed him with salvation at the end of his life.

Hearing this voice Kedar is so happy and he kept those eggs in a basket weaved with forest creeps called Kudupu (local language) and kept secretly in the place where he meditated upon Lord Subramanya. He spent his rest of life meditating upon Lord Anantha Padmanabha and attained salvation at the end of his life. Now in that place an anthill was grown and the place is well known as Shree Kshetra Kudupu. A small river called Bhadra Saraswathi Thirtha resides near the temple itself.

Special occations:
Ashlesha Bali is one of the important Seva in the temple. Excepting days of Ekadashi and Annual Festival occasion in all other days this seva can be performed. This seva begins in the evening 5'o clock and end up in around 6.30 p.m. Since there will be a heavy rush for the seva on Ashlesha Nakshatra Day the seva will continue till 11.00 p.m. Only on that day a night meal will be offered to the devotees and participants. Giving individual attention to the participants of this seva is the specialty of this Kshetra.
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