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Historical monuments  -   Venur
54 kms from Mangalore City
How to reach:  Private bus services are available from Moodabidri and Karkala. Also the place is accessible from Dharmasthala and Guruvayanakere by bus.
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Venur, 54 km from Mangalore, has the 38-foot monolith of Bahubali dating back to 1605 that is attributed to the Ajila prince Veerathimanna IV. On the banks of the Gurupura, Venur houses eight basadis and the ruins of the Mahadeva temple.

Venur though a small town was once a great seat of Jainism. It was the capital of the Ajila Dynasty and one of the most prominent Kings of them Thimmanna Ajila built a colossus of Gommateshwara 35 feet high in 1604 A.D. He was a direct descendant of Chamundaraya, who built one at Shravanbelgola. Venur colossus is the shortest of all the three Gommateshwara’s within the radius of 250 km around it. It also stands in an enclosure, on the same pattern as that of Shravanbelgola. The Kings of Ajila Dynasty ruled here from 1154 A.D. to 1786 A.D.

The statue stands facing westward on a high platform on the banks of the river Phalguni. This statue of Bahubali is one of the four giant monoliths (of the same God) found in Karnataka (the others being at Shravanabelagola, Karkala and Dharmasthala).

Special occations:
Mahamastakabhisheka or the head anointing ceremony of the statue.
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