AROMA 2014, the annual food festival
Date: 08, February 2014 Time: 06:00 PM
End Date: 08, February 2014 Duration: 04 Hour(s)
Event Type: Others
Category: Education / Learning
Venue/Location: Sarosh Institute of Hotel Administration
Host: Sarosh Institute of Hotel Administration
Contact: Basavarajeshwari D
0824 2275861
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AROMA 2014, the annual food festival of Sarosh Institute of Hotel Administration (A unit of Nitte Education Group) Kodakal, Mangalore, a much awaited event for the food lovers, was hosted on 8th February 2014. This is also an occasion for the students of Hotel Management to ultimately put to test the knowledge and skills that were taught during their Course of Study. The entire event is managed by the students, that gives them the confidence of donning managerial role in their future work place. They learn the art of event management, Marketing and Advertising, Finance Management, develop leadership qualities and team work.

The food festival is based on a unique theme each year. This year, it was themed ‘’SAVELIRS D’ AFRIQLIE- EAT TO THE BEAT’’ with fusions of oriental and middle east cuisines. The food stalls were segregated as AFRICAN ,MEXICAN AND ORIENTAL CUISINES. Innovative, delicious and fusion dishes were prepared and served like- POE DING, DEEG KOEKS, CHOCOLATO KOEKS, MOUSSE AND MUFFINS, LABANEESE GRILLED KIBBE, YOGHURT AND LEMON CHICKEN, CHICKEN PITA SANDWICH AND TAHINI ROLL , different varieties of mock tails etc.

This event witnessed a cross-section of guest. There were family crowd enjoying the food, children flocking to the juice, pastry and games counter.

A homemaker, enjoyed the taste of the food and commented that taste will linger on. She was also appreciative about the fruit and vegetable carving display and showed enthusiasm in joining for the carving classes in the college. “ ”

A medical student was completely fascinated with the musical tinge offered during the food festival.

Kids were making a bee-line towards the pastry and confectionary counter. Youngsters were seen thoroughly enjoying and participating the games and competitions on offer as part of this function

The musical performance by famous bands, added an unforgettable touch to the evening. The guest were seen enjoying the food and music in a spacious surrounding, a real break from the hussle-bussle and the routine in a person’s life. The guest showed their keenness to come for the next years AROMA too.
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