Corrigendum with reference to the tender no Comp-82/LJprinter/Tender/1, dated 30.9.2008.
Notification number: Tender No. Comp-82/LJprinter/Tender/6, dtd at MR-1, the 23-10-2008.
Date: 28.10.08
Notification type: Notification
Issuing authority: D K Telecom District
Please  refer  this  office  Tender No. Comp-82/LJprinter/Tender/1, dated 30-09-08. The  last  date  for submission of  bid  has  been  extended from 21-10-2008 to 30-10-2008 and the prescribed tender documents can be obtained up to 16.00 hrs of 29-10-2008.  The date of submission of sealed tender is 30-10-2008 up to 14.30 hrs and the date of opening of tender is 30-10-2008 at 15.00 hrs.  The other conditions remain unchanged.
AGM (Computer)
AGM (Computer)
O/o PGM Telecom, Mangalore-575 001.