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Mangalore University
Konaje, Mangalore, Karnataka
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Ph. D. in Social Work from Mangalore University
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Dr. Loveena Lobo (nee DíSouza), Assistant Professor and Head of the Dept of Social Work (MSW) of St Aloysius College has been awarded Ph.D. in Social Work from Mangalore University.

Her thesis traces the progression on various aspects and impact of parentís alcoholism on their adolescent children. She was guided by Dr. Rameela Shekhar, Professor, School of Social Work, Roshini Nilaya, Mangalore.

Dr. Lobo discussed about her motivation for arriving at a definitive study of the emotional effects on children of alcohol dependent parents. "Besides increased risk for future alcohol use among children, parental alcohol misuse damages and disrupts the lives of their children. It was time to look at this phenomenon from a critical and objective perspective," said Dr. Lobo.

Dr. Lobo, resides at Kulashekar, Mangalore and is the wife of Mr. Oliver Lobo (Gem & co Mangalore).
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