Mangalore Dasara - A Grand Finale
Posted: Thursday, October 09th, 2008 | Views: 32772
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The most illustrous and sparkling dasara procession of Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, Kudroli marked a grand finale on 10th October 2008. This event itself is called as "Mangalore Dasara" and is witnessed by thousands of people in around Mangalore, who gather in great numbers to witness the procession on the final day.
The procession route was decorated with a wide range of lighting and decor that reminds one of a fairy tale land. The temple was glittering with lights and its ambience leaving a permanent memorable impression on the minds of the viewers. Unique tableaux, playing of drums by kerala teams and various folk artistes who had come down from different parts of the state does make this event a very unique and memorable one. Apart from the Karnataka state, folk artsites from the state of Maharashtra, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh too particiapted giving a rare performance to mangaloreans.
Another major attraction was the Tiger Dance performance from local teams well accompanied by the beats of drums and trumphets. The Tableaux themes were very successful in conveying social messages to the masses such as spiritual, historical & cultural significance. In total this event was a very colorful and successful leaving lasting memories on the minds of the people.

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