A face in the Corporation
Posted: Thursday, November 20th, 2008 | Posted by: Ashish Rao | Views: 27297
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Modern life has become monotonous and stressfull. To fight out stress we cultivate hobbies and enjoy life. A visit to the Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) and all you will see are people walking about from one section to another in a hurry to get things done. But one of the clerks at the Health Section of MCC stands out in the crowd. Chandrahasa, a simple and leanly built  clerk has taken to the hobby of acting in Tulu dramas and has participated in many of them till now.
Chandrahasa began acting  he was 12 years old. Although he did not have a formal training he nurtured his talent by taking initiative in acting for Tulu dramas. He says, "Since we have a lot of tension in our lives, the best way to let it out is by laughing. Acting gives me the chance to do that".  His latest part was in a drama titled "Kushal Da Esal" is about a chit fund story. Chandrahasa specializes in comedy roles and thoroughly enjoys them. In this drama he is cheated for asking money. According  to the story he dies and even his dead body rises up and asks for money.  He usually goes for evening practice before a drama. He meets the director and asks for the dialogue sheet. He then takes his own time to memorise the part and practices on it. All this after a hard days work at the Corporation Office.

In yet another drama called "Kushal Da Kushal" he played the role of a post man. The uniqueness about his role is that he is  post man who does not talk to anyone. So one day citizens tie him up with a rope to catch him and when asked why he does not talk, he replies that it is his holiday that day. Being versatile as an actor he has played roles of a beggar, driver,sanyasi and a coconut plucker.

During practice he finds a lot of fun with everyone. But some times he finds it difficult to adjust his pastime with his job. He usually takes a week to fifteen days to learn dialogues. If he has to go for practice he gets permission from his superiors. His latest drama is called "Yedurudu Onji Piraudu Onji". Before his show he himself touches up on make up. He manages his own clothing and keeps a good humour backstage. Before each show he thinks of god and does his best. Some times while performing if his coactor forgets his dialogue he comes up with spontaneous dialogues. Chandrahasa has been to Muscat, Qatar, Dubai and Kuwait with his troupe. He plans to continue this art and some times if his pratice session is delayed he gets a drop back home. He has served for 24 years now at MCC and has 3 children.

Chandrahasa plans to continue this art and wants to experiment with newer roles. The future of Tulu drama is bright according to its actors.
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