How to obtain a khatha
Posted: Monday, November 10th, 2008 | Posted by: Ashish Rao | Views: 19803
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Hard earned money must be invested in the right manner. Most people invest their money in buying property or land. But along with buying comes a whole lot of formalities which you cannot afford to ignore. The most primary requirement for a land is the Khatha. A document which legally entitles you to be called the proud owner of the property. The revenue department of Mangalore City Corporation has laid down rules and procedure on how to obtain a Khatha. They have urged the general public to inform the Commissioner about owning a property.

The first step after registering your land is to fill up the Form 1 giving all details about your land. According to the Corporation Act Sec 114 all concerned documents must be produced along with this. Once this is done a Khatha is opened in the land owner’s name. An abstract copy is given to the land owner for him to keep. This copy must be produced whenever there are any transactions for a loan or any other financial dealings. A copy of the Khatha is also required in case you go for a mortgage. Any building under corporation limits must have a Khatha in its record. While doing so a sketch of the land must be produced beforeland  the authorities. An agricultural land if converted must have a khatha record with the city corporation.

At the Taluk level an agricultural land is given an RTC but higher up the scale in the Corporation a Khatha is compulsory. Every land when registered has  a processing fee levied on it. It is usually 0.1 % of the cost of the land. Mangalore City Corporation has a self assessment scheme where the owner can make an assesement of his own land with professional help. Presently about 38,000 lands are registered in Mangalore. Yet there are atleast 1,47,000 lands which  haven’t been registered. The Mangalore City Corporation does not proactively check on unregistered lands. However , they have a strict vigil on unauthorized buildings in the town. As per its act it can demolish unauthorized buildings.

Once a  khatha is opened in your name , it is the official identification for your property. The case worker at the Corporation now checks your documents and also examines if any violations of the sketch is commited. In case of apartment buildings each flat must have a khatha in its name. All documents produced must be notarized by a lawyer. Once the processing is completed at the Corporation, authorities do a spot check. Then within seven days, a formal document of your land called the khatha document is sent either by post or you could come and collect it personally. If you have done this much for your property then you can relax and have a good night’s sleep over your property.
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