An Ignored Market
Posted: Thursday, December 04th, 2008 | Posted by: Ashish Rao | Views: 18417
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The central market of Mangalore is a murky mess at most times. But a peep into what was previously the fish markets makes you wonder how businessmen are going about their work. A smelly dirty premises infested with cockroaches, rats and sewage water which stagnates as there are no proper drains.
Presently this is the market for chicken, mutton,pork and beef. At any given time the number of customers coming here and making their presence felt are a bare minimum. The building here is already 25 years old and is in a state of crumbling down. The concrete is so old that certain parts of the building are already breaking into pieces.

The fish market which used to be here was shifted to state bank bus stand around seven years back. Since then many officials have inspected this market and have never turned back. All they have made is false promises of improving the area. Various officials from the corporation come here in turns. The health inspector has inspected the place but has taken no action. The vendors at the market expect him to atleast clean up the bird feathers scattered all around the place and keep it tidy. Rats have swarmed the market’s under ground areas and have made hygiene the last priority. Surfuraz, one of the vendors at this market says, “ Every official from the corporation checks the place and gives us assurances. That’s it, after that no action is taken. Things remain as they are. I have sold only one kilogram of  chicken till now today. No customer wants to come to a dirty market.” The Corporation charges these vendors Rs 60 per day as rent. But the services offered in return are not worth even half that amount. There are 8 stalls in this market and the all of them have been falsely assured by the officials that the cleaning up will happen. Six months ago , the District Commissioner, Maheshwar Rao himself visited the  area. He assured the vendors that some action would be taken in a month’s time but nothing was done after that. Some officials from the corporation have even said that these vendors would be shifted to Vamanjoor. The vendors of this market have to pay rent but the amount made in return from business is barely minimum

Corporator of the Central market ward , Surekha Srinivas said, “ We have been having meetings in the corporation to settle the issue but unless we have enough funds we cant do much about this. Also, a decision has to be taken by the works committee chairman.” Amidst all this , the corporators have taken some steps to make improvements in the market. They have planned to demolish the old building and make a new market in the same premises. The open spaces lying near vegetable market, Felix Pai Bazaar and the chicken market will be combined to be made into one single large market. A proposal in this direction has been made to the State Government about the project. The new market will be much larger , cleaner and also have basement parking facility. The Mayor of Mangalore City Coporation , Ganesh Hosabettu said, “ The cost of this project is estimated to be more than Rs10 crore. We hope to get an approval from Bangalore very soon.” He also informed that the project would be undertaken on a public-private partnership basis. Until the new project gets underway  it is going to take atleast a year. Until then , the situation at the old fish market will remain stagnant and unhealthy.
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what happened with its renovation plans ? we keep talking about it, and its a stalemate in moving forwards. if you see the recent IISc plans drawn by the government mangalore has been ignored - as we have always been since ages! so unless people demand us to be counted, we will remain behind. we the citizens are squarely responsible for our plight - unless we demand better, we wont get anything better.
Posted By: K, Sunday, January 04th, 2009