Origin of Govardhan Puja
Posted: Friday, October 16th, 2009 | Views: 36591
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Once the inhabitants of Vrindavan headed by Nanda Maharaj were about to perform a sacrifice for the demigod Lord Indra, the controller of rains to please him for sending rains. When Lord Krishna saw the arrangements, he said 'all results derived from worshiping the demigods or devatas are material and also temporary and only less intelligent persons are interested in temporary results. Also those results are granted by Me only'.

Maharaja Nanda argued that without satisfying the devatas like Indra, one cannot derive any good result simply by doing ones duties.
Lord Krishna said 'The demigods give results only to persons who have executed their prescribed duties and not otherwise. Let us, rather perform our prescribed duties very nicely. Our specific relationship is with Govardhana Hill and Vrindavana forest. Therefore do the sacrifice to satisfy local Brahmanas and Govardhana Hill'.

Then he said 'Prepare very nice foods from the grain and ghee collected for the yajna. Prepare rice, dal, halwa, poori and all kinds of milk preparations, such as sweet rice, rabri, sweetballs, sandesa, rasagulla and laddu, The Brahmanas should be given all kinds of grain in charity. Then decorate all the cows and feed them well. All the lower animals and lower class men also may be given sumptous prasadam. After nice grass is fed to the cows, Govardhana puja may immediately begin. This sacrifice will very much satisfy me'.

From the above statement we can understand that in a Krishna conscious society, all living beings welfare is taken of.

Lord Krishna said that Govardhana Puja is as good as worship of Him and is knows as Annakuta. In all temples of Vrindavan, Mathura or outside, huge quantity of food is prepared in this ceremony and is very sumptuously distributed to the general population.

They performed Govardhan worship and circumambulation of the hill. When everything was complete, Krishna assumed a great transcendental form and declared to the inhabitants of Vrindavana, that He was Himself Govardhana Hill and in order to convince his devotees he and Govardhana Hill were identical. Then Krishna began to eat all the food offered there.
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