The reality of what happened in Karnataka
Posted: Wednesday, February 08th, 2012 | Posted by: Narendra Nayak | Views: 23209
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Participated today in a protest organized by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) outside the DC's office at Mangalore against happenings in the Karnataka State legislative assembly and an island called as St.Mary's island nearby, which is in Udupi district. Last week a three day satsang was organized by the district administration, state tourism development corporation one event management company and was inaugurated by no less a person than the Chief Minister himself. This was addressed by a lot of holy men, bhajans were sung and the 'spiritual' retreat was for three days. The participants all devoutly religious persons- sadhus, sadhvis and saints had all come there for religious discourses. They all consumer satvika food like curd rice, puliyogare, milk payasam and such prasad. They also imbibed panaka, panchamrita and such godly liquid nourishment. They were also said to have taken other plant products to experience divine ecstasy.

In the meanwhile a few days later a few ministers of the Bharathiya Janatha Party which the ruling party in Karnataka and highly committed to upholding Hindu dharma were watching clippings of an enlightening nature on their mobile phones which were actually those of apsaras cavorting with gods, but misunderstood by the camera wielders who had been specifically employed by their channels to cover the proceedings of the legislative assembly as pornography! Another miraculous event was that these things actually became pornography probably due to manipulations of the pseudo secularists and anti Hindu lobbies!

So, the protests which have been happening all over the state are done by those who do not understand the reality behind these alleged happenings. In the end I would like to quote what I heard from the now leader of the opposition in the parliament lady who was then minister for Information and broadcasting at that time.  She was complaining about the female news readers of state controlled TV channel Doordarshan at that time "bahut kucch dikhate hain ye log" (these people are showing too much- this was not addressed about the news content but about their dress!). Well madam what would you like to say about the event organized by your party and the behavior of your party ministers in the assembly?

I also wonder as to what the moral police of Dakshina Kannada who attack couples going together, ask for ban of non vegetarian food in college canteens, thrash people who are in pubs have to say about this event- which looks to be a rave party conducted under police protection with the blessings of the district administration and the ruling 'Hindu' party who are committed to upholding the culture and tradition of this land!

Narendra Nayak
President - Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations
Managing trustee, Aid without religion trust

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