Crow Camaraderie - A friendly approach to a fallen friend
Posted: Saturday, June 15th, 2013 | Posted by: Govind Belgaumkar | Views: 12082
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Here is a real life picture-story that occurred at my residence at Malaraya Temple Road, Urwa. Two days ago my wife Ragini S. heard a lot of crows crying near my house. When she went out she saw a crow lying on the ground, apparently because it suffered an electric shock.

Immediately after she got the camera and took its picture, the bird started moving and in seconds it was on its legs but did not have enough energy to fly away.

At this juncture another fellow crow came down to help the bird in shock and encouraged it to fly by pulling its feather using its beak. That did the trick. The bird flew away. (Notice that the birds legs are swollen.)

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