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IVF Facts You Should Know Before Trying to Get Pregnant
Posted: Saturday, December 12th, 2015 | Posted by: Blossomivf India | Views: 982
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In vitro fertilization is a popular option for women who are looking for help conceiving, but there's a lot that comes along with the fertility treatment. Thatís why itís important to have all the IVF treatment facts ahead of time.

You must speak with your obstetrics and gynaecology or reproductive endocrinologist or our IVF experts at our reproductive Centre to share information to help prepare for your future.

Start with a fertility test first.

Whether you want to get pregnant now or wait a little longer, itís a good idea to know where your fertility levels stand. Fertility doctors says a simple test called Anti-Mullerian Hormone Blood Test (AMH) is a good indication of egg  reserve and grades your fertility levels between high, medium, and low.

IVF isnít always a first option.

Many women think IVF is their first option if they want it, but the truth is most fertility doctors will tell you to try natural pregnancy first. If youíre 30 to 35, you should try for at least six months and if itís not working, then  you do a work-up to see what to target.

Even after that, our Infertility doctor will try oral or injectable fertility medication before IVF. Of course, thereís always exceptions and those include a low score on your AMH or if youíre 40-years-old or older. If thereís a small sperm count you have to go straight to IVF or if a woman has tubal blockage, recurrent miscarriage (like three or more) or if thereís potential for certain genetic disorders, then you start off with IVF.

IVF works best when youíre younger.

Fertility experts says though we might think IVF is a treatment option when weíre older, the truth is, it actually works better if weíre younger.IVF doesnít really fix the age of your eggs so you have to think about that early. Unfortunately, along with fertility, IVF success rates or successful pregnancies decline as women get's older.

IVF Treatment - It comes at a cost.

Youíve likely heard that IVF can be expensive. Itís true. There are affordable fertility clinic to make treatment more accessible, like ours.

Be patient - During IVF Treatment

One of the biggest misconceptions about IVF is that it works right away.Itís very common youíll need to do it more than once.In younger patients it may be a little less (if youíre not pregnant in the first cycle, youíll likely get pregnant in the next), but if youíre in your forties the average is like three cycles. This is only an indicative figure and will vary from person to person and case to case basis.Please consult our experts for more on this.

You can have IVF using donated eggs and/or sperm

For some, the hope of having children is diminished by unforeseeable circumstances, such as developing cancer or finding out that you or your partner have low ovarian reserve or low sperm count.In such situations, fertility clinics offer donor conception, which uses sperm, eggs or embryos donated by someone else for your fertility treatment. The use of donor eggs and sperm is becoming more common today.

You are more likely to fall pregnant with a multiple pregnancy through IVF than natural pregnancy

It's true with reproduction treatments, such as IVF or egg donation. This is because fertility clinics will often use a process called double embryo transfer when carrying out IVF, as traditionally, it was deemed to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Itís not 100 percent successful.

The most important fact to know about IVF is itís not 100 percent successfulóthe process can take time, money, and even an emotional toll on your life, and in the end, it might not work. Thatís were choosing the correct IVF clinic will help you a lot in every single steps of the fertility treatment process.

Despite the fact that IVF success rates are on the incline because of constant advancement in Assisted Reproductive Technology, it is still important for women and couples who are seeking IVF treatment to take age into consideration.

This is because the success of an IVF cycle is very much determined by the age of the embryo and sperm that is being implanted, for example the younger the embryo or oocyte, the greater the chance of conception.

Thereís a significant emotional drain on the couple and the relationship.We encourage couples to find alternative outlets like exercise, counselling therapy to find balance throughout the treatment process. There are so many errors built into conception and things we canít control due to genetics. Most IVF failures are not something that a couple can fix, even if a woman has a good, healthy diet and exercisesóthose are important, but itís very age dependent.

Support during the fertility treatment is absolutely vital...infertility treatment can be such a solitary experience otherwise.Counseling can provide emotional support before, during or after fertility treatment.If dealing with infertility leaves you struggling to cope with everyday life or causes you to revisit past problems, counselling can be very therapeutic.

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