First Step IVF
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IVF Clinic in West Delhi
Posted: Monday, September 04th, 2017 | Posted by: First stepivf | Views: 337
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IVF- In Vitro Fertilisation is a medical technique to help infertile couples to conceive, in this technique healthy eggs are extracted from the female partner, and fertilized by the male partner's sperm in the laboratory and later implanted back into the uterus to complete the pregnancy.

First Step IVF is a highly specialized infertility clinic in Vikas Puri, West Delhi. With the expertise of Dr. (Mrs.) Santosh Gupta, Dr. Priti Gupta, and Dr. Manu Gupta couples can rest assured and expect a highly professional approach to their problems.

First Step IVF has successfully transformed thousands of lives and performed multiple IVF, ICSI and Surrogacy procedures within their existence. It has built a strong relationship of trust and understanding with their clients and have always put clients satisfaction as their main priority.

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