Jog falls
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Water falls  -   Jog
Visit hours: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
180 kms from Udupi city. 20 kms from Sagar town
How to reach:  Bus facility available from udupi or shimoga city. Travel till Sagar town by bus, from sagar take a private vehicle to reach the falls area.
Best time to visit: August to November
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Jog Falls, located in Simoga district, is one of those places you have to discover for yourself - quietly, gently and with a little bit of patience. And when it reveals its inherent beauty, you are sure to be swept off your feet.

The first view of Jog Falls catches the unsuspecting visitor at a very elemental level. The wild waters, browned by recent rains and brushed by granite rocks, fall in four streams - the Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket -- down a dark, melancholic precipice . Thick mists in the valley hamper visibility. The dark clouds looming on the horizon suddenly part and the reluctant sun gently peeps out. Rainbows flood the scene only to fade out as fast as they appeared.

When the sluice gates of the Linganmakki Dam upstream are closed, you can walk right down to the bottom of the gorge. To most visitors this definitely is the highlight of the trip and, even if you are not in the pink of health, it is definitely worth a t ry. The 4-km journey is fairly steep and the path slippery. But the mystery of the falls unfailingly manages to possess you and coax your tired feet to prod on.

As you reach your destination, the greenery overwhelms you. It is Nature prancing in gay abandon, like an errant child -- completely wild and untamed. The generous moss on the rocks makes you slip often. The water falls and bounces off your skin like sma ll hailstones. It is a veritable tropical paradise where you could get lost for eternity.

Special occations:
Full flow on independence day as all the gates of Linganmakki dam opens on that day
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