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Trekking / adventure  -   Western Ghats
How to reach:  By bus or private vehicle till the foot of trekking spots
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The region of South Canara endowed with the mountain ranges known as the Western Ghats, or the Sahyadri, that run south to north across the State, the topology of this range encompasses lush tropical forests, hills and dales, caves and cascades, roaring rivers and gurgling streams and a great biodiversity of flora and fauna, making trekking and related activities a thoroughly wild and enjoyable experience.

Charmadi Ghat belt is a perfect spot for taking a shot at adventure trek. Places like Kodekkallu, Barekallu, Bidiru Tala, Barimale, Banjarumale, Ambattimale and Elimale offer a treacherous and wild experiences for those who wish the thick cover of natural vegetation.

In the Shiradi Ghat belt there is Mugilagiri, Udayagiri, Venkatagiri hills that are good for treks. In Kodagu area, one can climb the Tariyandamol, the highest peak. There is also Brahmagiri, Kumara Parvatha near Kukke Subrahmanya, Kudremukh, Kodachadri ranges and Mullayyanagiri. There are also several places in Agumbe for trekking.

Tips while trekking
1. Wear light cotton clothes.
2. Light shoes with good grip and preferable waterproof.
3. Keep the luggage as light as possible.
4. Carry lot of drinking water & chocolates (good source of instant energy).
5. Do not litter plastic waste & bottles in your trail.
6. It is always advisable to have atleast one experienced member in your team.
7. It is advisable to carry one's own food and camping gear to suffice for a few days.

The best season for trekking is immediately after monsoons during the months of Sept-Dec. However monsoon does have its own charm as there are numerous mind boggling waterfalls enroute.

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