River Rafting
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Trekking / adventure  -   Sitanadi Nisarga Dhama
Around 40 kms from Udupi
How to reach:  To reach the Sitanadi Nisarga Dhama, take a taxi from Udupi to Hebri, a distance of about 35 km. Sitanadi Nisarga Dhama is about a couple of kilometres from Hebri.
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White water rafting is an unbelievable experience and the rivers of South Canara offer a wonderful experience for those who love the rush of flowing water. The Varahi and Sita Rivers are ideal for rafting.

Rafting is a team effort and it is important to act in tandem with fellow rafters as you navigate through the powerful rapids. When there is more pressure on the left side of the raft, the team members have to move to the right and vice versa. The instructor tells you on which side you should shift to maintain balance and whether you should row backwards or forwards. Safety is paramount so you cannot get on the raft without wearing a life jacket and a helmet.

Besides the unbeatable thrill of feeling the force of nature, you can also enjoy its calmer side as you travel through evergreen forests. For birdwatchers, the trip is a must as they can spot several species of rare birds.

Trekkers and adventure lovers are thrown another challenge by the River Sita, which plunges from a height of about 150 feet at the Kudlu Tirtha, about 50 kilometres from Udupi. The rapids here have spawned adventure sports such as river rafting activities and the banks of the river have become popular picnic spots.

River rafting at Sitanadi Nisarga Dhama offers two choices one from Nisarga Dhama to Belinje Bridge (14 km) and the other from the Nisarga Dhama to Jomlu Tirtha (22 km).

River rafting in the Varahi also has two choices from Hosangady to New Bridge (24 km) and from Hosangady to Hole Shankarnarayana (18 km). White-water rafting is on at Anejari Nisarga Dhama near Kollur throughout the year. While you're at it, you can chill out for a few days in the log huts at the Sitanadi Nisarga Dhama.

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