Kumara Parvata
Posted: Thursday, August 21st, 2008 | Views: 4981
Trekking / adventure  -   Near Subramanya
110 kms from Mangalore
How to reach:  KSRTS Buses operate from Mangalore to Subramanya which lies on the foothills of Kumaraparvata.
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Kumara Parvata is regarded as one of the highest and most scenic peaks in Karnataka and is an ideal spot for listening to the birds and watching the sunset. The hike to Kumara Parvata begins under a cover of thick vegetation. The climb is a little steep in the beginning with a thick cover of tall grass, one suddenly emerges out of the thick vegetation into a huge open space in an amazing shade of green.

Before setting out to explore the trek, one can realx and take guidance form the famous base camp “Bhatra Mane” (Bhat’s House).

Apart from testing the physical stamina during the trek one can view layers of blue mountains, the sun’s rays filtering through the clouds scattering all over with great elegance and the clouds forming into all kinds of shapes as the sun sets.

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