Jamalabad Fort (Gadai Kallu)
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Trekking / adventure  -   Belthangady
Visit hours: 6AM - 6PM
8 kms from Belthangady and 70 kms from Mangalore
How to reach:  KSRTC and Private Buses are available from Mangalore to Belthangady. From Belthangady ther are Private buses and vans which take you to the foot of this massive granite block.
Best time to visit: Climbing this spot is not advisable during Monsoon
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Jamalabad fort was built by Tippu Sultan in the year 1794 and is located 8 kms north of Belthangady town. It is 1788 ft above sea level and in earlier days it was referred as Narasimha Gudde. The name Jamalabad is derived from the name of Tippus mother Jamalabee.

The access to the fort is only through a narrow path narrow path, with nearly 1876 steps to the fort that are cut out of this granite hill. On the top  there are two small fresh-water springs and some tanks to store their water.

The fort was captured by the British in 1799 during the 4th Mysore war. Legend has it that those out of favour with Tipu were hurled down this fort to their death. (Such 'Tipu drop's are a feature in most hill-top forts built by Tipu.)

These days, Jamalabad is a trekking destination, with the climb up to the fort being classified as 'medium difficulty level' and the top of the fort offers good views of the surrounding landscape and the Kudremukh range.

Visitors are advised to carry their own food and water in plenty as there are no shops or hotels near this place. Officially entry to the fort is restricted to between 6am to 6pm . Overnight stay at the fort is prohibited.

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