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Beach  -   Marvanthe, Kundapur
95 kms from Mangalore
How to reach:  This beach is located on the national highway connecting Mangalore-Bombay. One can reach Kundapur by KSRTC or Private buses and catch a local bus to Marvanthe.
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Marvanthe is a short stretch of road flanked by two bodies of water, both of very different natures. You can see the sea trying to get at the backwaters, despite the granite bund to keep it at bay.
It is located in Kundapura, which is 95 km from Mangalore on the national highway connecting Mangalore-Bombay. Maravanthe offers unique picturesque landscape for the tourists with the highway passing through the area. It has sea on the one side and a river on the other. This is the spot where the Arabian Sea and the Sauparnika River form fringes for the NH-17. Though now a days it is quite rare to see waves splashing over the highway one can still feel the veritable carnival of nature.

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