Beaches of South Canara
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If you love the sun, sea and sand, then South Canara is the place for all those those spectacular sunsets on the beaches, the cool foamy waters of Arabian Sea rinsing your feet and the gentle sea-breeze blowing across. The swaying palm trees, the sylvan beaches, fishermen's coves, the local cuisine, and a resourceful and friendly populace are perfect blend to experience a quiet communion with the setting sun.

Bound by water on the western side, the city itself boast of its own backwater channels that are vital to river navigation. At its widest, the Gurupur river is separated by the sea by less than a kilometre and at its narrowest, by just a few metres as it nears the estuary near old port, providing an marvellous view of the Arabian Sea on the one side and that of the city on the eastern side.

Beaches such as those at Ullal, Panambur, Taneerbavi and Sasihitlu are relatively impressive and inviting in their pristine beauty. Mangalore, with its coastal heritage, is a treasure trove of traditional culinary talents. Folk here are known for gourmet fare such as yetti and balyar chatni (dried prawns and dried shark chatni), kori rotti, kori sukka (kori is chicken and rotti is crisp, flaky made of rice eaten with spicy chicken curry). Not to mention fluffy sannas, appams and neer Dosas to go with the chicken sukka.

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