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Forset & wildlife  -   Nagarhole
Visit hours: 6 am to 5 pm Tuesday Holiday for all forest areas
40 kms from Virajpet, 45 kms from Hunsur
How to reach:  One can travel directly via Mysore, Srirangapatna or Mercara, Kushalnagar, Hunsur to reach Nagarhole
Best time to visit: After the rain to enjoy nature, to see wildlife during summer.
Address: Nagarhole reserve forest
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Coorg or Kodagu is famous for the coffee estates along with Pandi Curry (pork) as their prime cuisine. The terrain is blessed with excellent nature trail and wildlife.  The entire district border Kerala and Tamil Nadu is filled with forest cover ranging from 200 to 300 kms. Three main forest ranges in Kodagu are well maintained by the forest department. They are Nagarhole, Dubbare and Nisargadhama.


One of the oldest reserve forest in India from the time Wodeyars is well preserved despite wild fire almost 2 decades ago. The forests are under the govt. control in order to prevent de-forestation with lot of tribal people relocated outside the forest limits. The conservation of wild life has been of prime importance which have been realized by all the 3 governments. In the bargain it is fetching the departments revenue. Luckily the forest guest house does not have accommodation to house many a individuals or tourists.  Many of the forests are close to main towns such as Mysore, Mercara, Kalpeta, Virajpet, etc. Elephants and Deers are found in plenty in Nagarhole forest.


There are routine safaris conducted by the forest department in the early morning and in the evening. This is basically because of the fact that the animals are up and early for catching their prey and quenching their thirst.  They are used to nature’s cycle of sunrise and sunset. Normally they rest in the noon except maybe during the summer months when they roam around for prey.  The safaris are under conducted @ 7 am upto 9 am and in the evening around 4.30 pm. The safari costs Rs 100 per head approx in a mini bus, or jeeps can be hired according to budget.

Nagarhole forest is home to Tigers, Cheetah, Bison, Wild Elephant, Boars, Peahen, Peacocks, Mongoose, Pythons, Cobra, etc. A variety of bird species home in on the reserve forest. The roads are barred for motor cycle and other open form of transportation.  Unlike ooty route, here the heavy truck movements too are banned. In fact the forest is closed to road traffic after 5 pm.   

There are three different areas Nagarhole, Kanhala and Murkal elephant training camp.  Dubbare training camp too forms a part of the reserve forest along with Nisargadhama. The main trekking spot is the Bramhagiri hills. It is outside the forest range located near Iruppu falls which 15 kms away from the Nagarhole forest.  There are other trekking camps organized by youth hostel too near Mercara.


There are various options for accommodation depending on individual affordability. One can find private accommodation in Kings County which is luxury personified after the forest gate. There are plenty of home stay options in Kutta and Srimangala on the other side of the exiting Nagarhole Forest.  Accomodation can range from Rs 500 to 5000 per day with various package thrown in .
Location : 

Nagarhole is approximately 205 Kms from Bangalore. One can bypass Mysore city by traveling through the bypass or ring road or pass through the city or take a detour from Ranganthitu Bird sanctuary and join the BM road at Hunsur take a detour inside the town and get to Nagarhole forest. One can have a detour to tibetian camp.
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Daily activities:
Go for safari early morning, or in the evening. In between there are not much activities, except visit the tibetian camp nearby Gorpura which is part of the Byalkuppa.
Special occations:
There is no special occasion except that tourist will enjoy visiting any time. They can travel to wynad through this forest only during daytime. Night traffic is not allowed inside the forest.
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